Route 66 Furniture CONSIGNMENT HOUSE CONSIGNMENT CONTRACT GENERAL CONDITIONS: Under the terms of this Consignment Contract, the Consignor agrees to deliver goods to be sold by the Consignee, referred to in this document as “Route 66 Furniture”.

Route 66 Furniture agrees to place consignorʼs merchandise in store for sale. Route 66 Furniture will remit 50% of the selling price to the consignor. Acceptance of merchandise for sale is at the discretion of Route 66 furniture. The Consignment Contract will remain in effect for all merchandise consigned until a new Consignment Contract is signed. Consignor understands that while Route 66 Furniture agrees to use its best efforts to obtain a sale of the consigned merchandise, there is no guarantee that a sale will occur. In the event of litigation concerning this agreement, the prevailing party in such litigation shall recover from the other party the prevailing partyʼs attorney fees and costs, including appeals. CONSIGNMENT TERM: The consignment term is 60 days. The consignment term begins on the date an item is logged into Route 66 Furniture inventory system. That date can be found upon the Merchandise Report.

Merchandise not sold in 30 days will be marked down up to 40% of the original sale price. Consignors may NOT pick up unsold merchandise before the consignment term expiration. PRICING: The initial selling price is determined by Route 66 Furniture, and is based upon age, style, condition and selling current market demand. We will work with you to arrive at a mutually beneficial sales price, but may decline to receive your items if we think your asking price is too high for resale. If, at any time, we feel we need to adjust the price of your merchandise, you will be consulted prior to the adjustment. MERCHANDISE REPORT: At the time of accepting consignorʼs items, a Merchandise Report is completed and given to the consignor, that includes the consignorʼs full name, mailing address, phone number, account number, and a list of all items to be sold at Route 66 Furniture. It is the consignorʼs responsibility to review this report for accuracy. Route 66 Furniture cannot be held liable for losses resulting from incomplete or inaccurate information on the Merchandise Report. If a party other than the consignor delivers a consignment, it will not be accepted without a signed contract and complete Merchandise Report. The consignor agrees that they outright own the items listed on the Merchandise Report. MARKDOWNS: Markdowns will follow a 40% reduction after 30 days your items are on our sales floor. Additional reductions may apply during periodic sales or specials, you will be notified prior to such an event.PAYMENTS: Payment checks for monthly sales will be mailed directly to the consignor on the end of consignment agreement or early if all items sold. Payment checks will be mailed to the address listed on the Merchandise Report. A $2.00 payment processing fee will be applied to each payment check mailed. In the event that a payment is lost in the mail, Route 66 Furniture will issue a replacement check, however, that check will not be issued until 45 days after the original was mailed.

EXPIRED ITEMS: It is the responsibility of the consignor to pick up all unsold merchandise within 5 days after the consignment term expiration.  Route 66 Furniture reserves the right to dispose of (donate or re-consign as store-owned inventory) all merchandise unsold and unclaimed 65 days from the consignment date, without notice or payment to the consignor, and without liability on the part of Route 66 Furniture. All unclaimed merchandise become items irrevocably donated by the consignor to Route 66 Furniture and the consignor will have no further interest in such donated items. It is the responsibility of the consignor to keep track of when the 60 day term expires. INSURANCE: Route 66 Furniture will dutifully care for your consigned items, however, we cannot be held liable for damage, theft, loss or any other causes beyond the control of Route 66 Furniture. We will take exceptional care of the articles you consign and have insurance coverage on the building contents, however, merchandise is yours until sold. You may want to cover items of exceptional value under your home owners/renters insurance policy. Our liability will be limited to making appropriate and timely payment to you for any of your items that we sell. PROMOTION:  Route 66 Furniture has the right to photograph the items being consigned and retains the images for use in any material desired. This Consignment Agreement constitutes the total agreement between the parties. As the consignor, I acknowledge that all items presented are mine to sell and are free of all liens and encumbrances.

I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions:

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Route 66 Furniture Accepted by:____________________________________________

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Route 66 Furniture CONSIGNMENT HOUSE 7949 Stromesa Ct unit K,

San Diego, California 92126.