1. What is Route 66 Furniture?

Route 66 Furniture is an online used furniture marketplace, where buying and selling used furniture is easier than ever before. We pick up furniture from sellers on their schedules, store the items in our warehouse and sell them with a consignment model on our digital marketplace. Buyers can browse our selection from the comfort of their homes and arrange to have furniture they love delivered to them. We do all the heavy lifting and take all of the stress out of buying and selling used furniture.

  1. Why should I use Route 66 Furniture?

Route 66 Furniture makes selling and buying used furniture convenient and enjoyable. You can schedule pickup or delivery of your items on your schedule. Rest assured that your furniture will be gone the day you need it gone or arrive when you need it. All of our inventory has been quality checked and honestly represented on our site so you don’t have any unpleasant surprises. Our team is available 7 days a week to answer questions and help you through the process if you have any difficulties. If you aren’t satisfied with your items, we accept returns for 48 hours after you buy. Route 66 furniture helps keep furniture in people’s homes and out of landfills. We want to help every piece meet its full potential and be loved for as long as it is still useful.

  1. What is consignment?

When you consign with Route 66 Furniture, you transfer items into our custody and we store and sell them while you remain the owner. When you submit items to our site, you agree to our consignment agreement. Payment checks for the sold items will be mailed directly to you on the end of consignment agreement or early if all items sold.



  1. How is my furniture valued and priced?

Our sellers are responsible for pricing their items on our site, however our furniture experts are able to consult on pricing if desired. We take into account original price, condition, age and style of the item when assessing listing value.

  1. What happens once my furniture sells?

Payment checks for the sold items will be mailed directly to you on the end of consignment agreement or early if all items sold.

  1. What is the consignment fee?

Our consignment fee is 50% of the sale price of your item. Markdowns made after 30 days as part of the consignment agreement, however, are equally split between the seller and Route 66 Furniture.

  1. What happens if my furniture doesn’t sell?

If your furniture does not sell after being listed for 60 days, you will be contacted with your options for proceeding. You can choose to have your furniture returned to you for a fee, pick up your items, donate your furniture, or extend your consignment window with Route 66 Furniture (in certain circumstances). If you do not reply to Route 66 Furniture within 7 days of being contacted, your furniture will become the property of Route 66 Furniture.

  1. If I want to sell my furniture, how does the process work?

To sell furniture on our platform, simply open our easy-to-use mobile site that will walk you through the entire process. Snap pictures with your phone, fill in basic information about the pieces you are selling, and add any additional information or stories that will help them sell. Voila! We will contact you to arrange a convenient pick up time, and will take all the hassle of selling furniture off your shoulders. We will post your listing to the marketplace, categorize it in our easily browsable system, and help potential buyers find your items.


  1. If I want to buy furniture, how will the process work?

If you are in the market for furniture, visit our site to browse our selection of items. When you fall in love with a piece on our site, you can purchase right away, reserving the item instantly. Then, use our streamlined scheduling service to select a time to have your furniture delivered directly to you by our trusted network of movers.

  1. How does the “Make an Offer” feature work?

If you find an item that you would like to buy that is outside of your price range, you can make an offer that we will present to the seller. If they find the offer to be reasonable, they may accept it, and we will inform you that your offer has been accepted. Please note that will an offer is pending, the item may sell to another interested customer. Offers do not reserve items.

  1. Can I see furniture in-person before buying it?

We are able to show items by appointment only at our warehouse. Please contact us if you are interested in seeing an item in person before purchasing. Please note that we will not hold items that are not purchased, and the item may sell to another buyer if you choose to wait to see the item before buying.

  1. What types of payments does Route 66 Furniture accept?

Route 66 Furniture uses eProcessing Network for processing credit card transactions online. We accept all major credit cards for online transactions. If you purchase your items in person at the warehouse, we also accept cash.

  1. Can I pick up furniture after purchasing online instead of having it delivered?

Yes, you can arrange a time with our team to pick up at the warehouse. Picking up from the warehouse is free, and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule if you select this option.