How It Works

To Buy Furniture:


Browse by type of furniture, room, price, and more. Or search for specific items. Select items what you want to purchase, and proceed to the checkout.


Choose a time for your furniture to be delivered. Ensure that your account information is correct, especially billing and delivery locations.


And we deliver for you.

To Sell Furniture:


Submit your furniture. Photos with details.


Send them to us.


We will be in contact within one business day to confirm pickup or ask any follow-up questions.


Our delivery team will meet you at the agreed upon time to pick up your furniture.


Your job is done! Get on with your life while we make money for you.

We are always looking for good used furniture. If you move or just want to sell your furniture, this makes it easy for you to get rid of those unwanted items and it gives you some extra cash.

No need to waste time and money on advertising and dealing with the hassle of selling your things. Or worse yet, having to just throw it away.

50% of the final sale price goes directly into your wallet.

We reserve the right to reject furniture that does not meet our standards of resale quality.

We will list your furniture for 60 days. After the first 30 days, we may reduce the listing price up to 50%. After 60 days, you have the options: pick up all unsold items, pay to have the furniture delivered back to you, donate the furniture to charity, or request an extended consignment agreement with us.

Whether you have downsized and just don’t have the room for your old stuff or you’ve moved into a new place and your old furniture just doesn’t work anymore, any reason, we want to talk to you.